Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What's For Dinner?

I am having a very lazy afternoon spent most of my time in front of the computer. When my husband got home he asked me what's for dinner? Gesshh I feel I am regularly responsible to make dinner if were not going to eat outside. Well, he's not that lazy guy, sometimes we cook together in fact, he's a better cook that I do. The funny thing was, when I was in the bathroom took my shower first, he cooked the pork chop and was completely burned. Guess what happened? He thought, the stove has greased on it and the fire blow up or he might just turned on the fire in a very high heat lol. When I got out from the shower I was like what????? To be honest, I cannot leave him cooking alone hehe I just can not help not to be with him when he does something in the kitchen. How sweet-:)!
Hmmm the pork chop was not that bad but, I decided to make my own version of the salad besides the sweet potato mum in law gave me. So, we had some pork chop, sweet potato and salad for dinner-:)

How did I make my own version of salad? Wooo.. I cannot explain how easy it was to prepare/ make a salad. I enjoyed chopping all the ingredients. I included in my salad the following ingredients; 3 eggs, lettuce, cucumber, carrots, apple, grapes, broccoli, cauliflower,red and green peppers, tomatoes, walnuts, croƻtons and ranch dressing.
First, I boiled the eggs. Allowed to cool in cold water. Then, peeled and cut into quarters, or slice in thick slices. Cut the lettuce head in half. Rinsed the lettuce under cold water and allow to drain. Cut the tomatoes. Peel and slice cucumbers and slice the apple, red and green peppers. Grated the carrots.

I mixed all the ingredients in a big bowl and added some ranch dressing on the top of the salad hmmmm yummy.

Well, don't worry if you missing one of the ingredients. Each of us has a different version of making the salad so it is slightly different for an individual. My husband loved my own version of salad. After dinner our plates was empty hmmm...


  1. Geee, In my own defense, the stove is electric there is not supposed to be fire on an electric stove ehheheh. I think there was grease on the burners from the Lechon Kavalee she made (see previous post.) Love you Gamay


  2. Ahh babe dako you're reading my blog hehhe well, you told me it has fire i knew our stove is electric but, i am saying a " fire" coz you told me it has fire came out! hehe i was thinking mum dawn's stove maybe lol..
    Babe its "LECHON KAWALI" anyway, liked your spelling-:)


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