Sunday, January 27, 2008

My Busy Week End

When I got up this morning I felt so cranky thinking about all the things I need to do in the house. My week days have been very busy lately I didn't have time in hands cleaning the house. I've been spoiling my husband lately, when I do something in the house he just sit in the couch watching his favorites show, but he does nothing!
So, this morning I had a chance to tell him how I feel, I told him lately I feel so much pressure, I've been so busy in work, a lot of stuff going on seems he doesn't care. Finally, today he seems to care about me-:)So what did we do? CLEAN! Yup, we had a very busy week end. We spent most all morning cleaning the house, doing our laundry, and organized stuff in the house and even made a trip to Filipino Store which is a mile away from the house.
So, at least the house is cleaner were able to relax in the afternoon.
I was able to grabbed pork belly and Milk fish in the store I cooked them for my husband because lechon kawali is one of his favorites. I boiled it with water and simmer until the meat is tendered. I added with garlic, salt and pepper. When meat was tender I deep fried until golden brown and blisters appeared on skin. I made my own sauce, I mixed all these ingredients soy sauce, vinegar with chili on it, 2 gloves of garlic, tomato diced, onions and a lil salt. It was YUMMY! my babe dako loved it hmmm...
My husband is not a big fan of Sinigang.He just can't eat fish but, he was trying to. To no avail, he cannot eat my fish sinigang.He's not really picky, but I cannot fed him with dried fish and fish. He eats whatever I cooked except for bulad and isda-:) Being a mountain girl myself hehe, I do missed eating my own filipino foods especially bagoong, bulad, etc...
I know in time he may able to try my fish cooking when he don't have food to eat at all lol..

Anyhow, This is my own version of cooking "Sinigang". I had two sliced of "Bangus" simmered with tomato and onions for few minutes. I added okra, eggplant and chinese cabbage. I cooked until it was done and seasoned with salt and a lil sinigang sauce. Hmmm.. Yummy!


  1. nag laway jud ko human nako basa ug tan aw sa imong mga food oi

  2. MMMMMMMM, this was a very good dinner. Also good lunch the next day. Yum, yum..... Salamat Gamay for the Good dinner


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