Monday, January 28, 2008

Happily Married to an American T-Shirt

Before I landed in this country I never knew about shopping online. As soon as I stepped in the US soil I am obsessed online shopper. I arrived here on Dec. 2006, cold weather freaked me out. I never go out shopping for like 2 months because of the cold weather. To no surprised, I came from a very humid and warm weather when I got here I was extremely shocked how cold it was grrrrr.. since then, when I had in mind that I need to buy for myself I quickly searched an online stores. As time passes by, I get used to the cold weather, get adjusted to the new environment so I used to go out shopping in Macy's, Prime Outlet etc. but still I cannot help to search some online stores. I know its a bit expensive compare to buying in the mall but I get addicted and love to shop anyway. Not a big deal to my babe dako.

When I looked again the website I bought my rings KING'S JEWELRY I came across to this
AWESOME STUFF I thought I would share this to anyone who wants to earn money online. I didn't get an account yet but seems the site gives those register users an extra amount, and those who are contributors. I would leave all the searched for you guys. Just check out EARN MONEY.

I thought the design was great I would definitely buy one of this shirt before I go back home in September. There are some weird part of me. When I was still single, I liked to wear shirt with designs in front. Remind me when I went home 2 years ago from Singapore, I was still communicating with my babe dako online, Me and Mama went to the market, I wore a shirt with a designed in front " WANTED BOYFRIEND lol...
I was not surprised all the people stare at me-:) I was just having fun wearing the shirt, I even sent my photo to babe dako, he just simply said.. You're Funny! Pssttt... he was asleep I hope I not hear any snores when I off to bed hehehe..

Have a good night sleep everyone.

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