Friday, January 25, 2008

First Entry

This is my first entry into the world of blogging. Well, no actually I did the friendster blogs but I don't officially know where I am going with this. I don't know if my life is that interesting these days but as my husband said to me, I certainly have a lot of things to say on blogs. Well, in recent weeks he (my husband) have decided to start his own blog. I have read his blogs and I came across to several blogs from my Co-WOF members. Now I am trying my hand at blogging myself honestly, I didn't have the time. But I now realized that there is so much information that I came across that is useful and I don't have time to write and express my feelings.
Now, I have the perfect place to tell the world my inner feelings about my writing lives, whether to tell what's happening in my daily lives, my accomplishments or just a place to vent-:)
On the other side, I am one who have great ideas, love to fantasize things, love to read on the internet, news, movies and writings. I consider myself a very strong woman, self determined, open-minded and goal oriented.

Anyhow, there's a lot more to say I guess will see you on my next post. I have my blog link to show my husband when he gets home shortly. Im sure I can see the big smile on his face later, since he has something to read about me-:)


  1. Hi sis, glad to see u blogging too. he he he we are classmate now. What a nice entry u wrote. Go go go...hope to see more entry soon.

    Bless u!

  2. sis i like your song, and the picture....nice blog


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